To Market, To Market

Grab your basket, tote bag and your friends! Fresh flowers, new neighbors and loads to see – the Honeysuckle Market Square is always the place to be!

Hands Up,
If You're Hungry!

This pick-up truck is putting down some seriously fresh goodies! From flowers to produce, the best of the season is on the move. Beep! Beep!

The Swing Of Things

Fun is just a hop, skip and a jump away with the Play Park Set!

The Famileez

Meet the neighbors of Honeysuckle Hollow®! All the animals work together to take care of each other and the environment. Every family has a special job and every day is an adventure. Honeysuckle Hollow is home to love and adventure. Check out all the Famileez now!

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What people are saying about us!


My kids love any kind of toy that are miniature versions of things so I knew this would be a big hit. I was right! I like to encourage my kids to have more imaginative play time and this is great for that. It is well made and great for travel.


These are brilliant, good size and well made , my Granddaughter loves them They are very detailed andthey seem to be well engineered and of suitable quality. I highly recommend this product to family and friends.


Kids love this! Adorable, well-made product with lots of small parts that encourage creative play. My granddaughters, 7 & 10 love all the little woodzeez toys.


They are adorable! Very nicely made, the attention to detail on the clothes is too cute. My daughter loves to play with them and they really seem to spark her imagination. She makes up a new little story about them every time she plays.


Woodzeez Collections

Hoppin’ Farmers Market

Let’s head down to the Hoppin’ Farmers Market! This miniature store playset has everything you need for a fun afternoon of pretend play in Honeysuckle Hollow.

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